10 Crypto slangs every Investor should know.

image-10 Crypto slangs every Investor should know.
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December 2, 2022

A lot of people are taking the plunge when it comes to cryptocurrency investing every day. But to be a good investor, you should be familiar with several terms in the industry. Here are some of the slang words every new crypto investor should know.

Vaporware: A blockchain or software project that is still an idea and does not yet have a working product is known as vaporware. A vaporware project may be promoted for months or even years before it becomes public. In some cases, it may never be developed at all.

Bearish: “bearish” means a downward trend.

Bullish: “bullish” is the opposite of “bearish.” It is an upward trend in the market.

BFFD: This means “buy the f—ing dip.” When the market has a downward trend and everyone is selling their coins out of fear, it may be a good time to buy.

BYOB: “Be your own bank.” This has to do with the fact that holders of cryptocurrency can be their own banks. capable of storing, transacting, storing, and even investing their funds.

FOLE: This simply means “fear of losing everything.” Remember that when investing, your actions should not be backed by fear but by adequate research.

Genesis block: This is the first block of the blockchain.

ICO: “ICO” means “initial coin offering.” This happens when a new blockchain project comes on board. It is a “crowd sale” or “public sale” and an opportunity for investors to buy new coins.

Private key: your personal key to your wallet, just as the name implies. It should be kept private as anybody with access to your keys can gain access to your wallet and funds.

Diamond Hands: This refers to how well a trader holds onto his crypto assets, especially in the midst of a downward trend when a lot of people have FOLE and start selling.

Several other slang words would be useful to you, but we can’t post them all at the moment. To learn more, follow us on our social media platforms. We post one crypto-slang every day!

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