5 Investment tips for beginners

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January 12, 2023

Anyone can be an investor. I mean, investment cuts across all sectors of life. Putting down anything for future profits is what investment is all about. You can invest in shares, the stock market, open a savings account, and even crypto!

crypto investment

Hmm, so why all the stress?

Investments are a good way to ensure that wealth is accumulated and your money can work for you while you rest. With the right strategies, you could be well on your way to accumulating profits. You have to have a careful plan and be well-equipped with the skills or resources. Why do we say this? You stand the risk of losing a lot if you make the wrong choices. 

Let’s run it back to Cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrency breeds a lot of profit when done the right way. Consider purchasing a token today for $7 and having it worth $7000 a year later. You sell it off, and you have made 6993 dollars in profit. Sounds good, right? Well, it has happened before and constantly happens.

Token prices fluctuate over time, rising and falling. You have to be smart about the right time to sell it off. Know the market very well, and you’ll always have the upper hand.

Let me walk you through some investment tips that will really help you on your journey. 


Every good investor should be aware of a possible loss when trading. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Try investing in different tokens so that even when you lose one, the profits of the others may lessen the impact.  Effective risk management will always help you avoid a lot of problems.


Don’t invest without conducting deep research into the patterns and cycles of crypto. True, it is unpredictable sometimes. But would you put your money into a token that has been dropping every week? Some rush to buy without studying patterns, which is a very bad idea. Studying

patterns will give you the ability to predict future patterns for good investment.


You cannot become extremely wealthy by investing in a short period. You must always consider the long term. People who initially bought Bitcoin at low prices had to wait for years before the price grew. I’m sure some people sold theirs off at low prices and later regretted it. Always consider the long term.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead of investing 1,000 dollars in one coin, why not try 100 dollars in 10 different coins? Investing all your money in just one is a very risky move. 


There are many scams running around. Once they have enough money in their systems, they can shut everything down. To make money, they can even run on patterns that do not reflect the real markets. Use trusted platforms only. Some widely used ones are Coinbase, Binance, CashApp, Robinhood, and more. It is also advisable to store large amounts of crypto in a cold or offline wallet, as they are generally more secure than hot wallets.

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