Beginner Crypto Mentorship Program-Learn how to buy, sell and store crypto

image-Beginner Crypto Mentorship Program-Learn how to buy, sell and store crypto
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April 4, 2023

A live training session for beginners to understand, acquire, and securely store digital assets

Mowblox offers a unique and intensive Cryptocurrencies Mentorship Program for beginners(MCMP) specifically curated for Africans that nobody else in the cryptocurrency industry delivers better. This program is entirely tailored to your own experience and pace.

We invite Africans from all around the continent to join a vibrant community, find support and encouragement for the journey in the cryptocurrency industry, and to build an inclusive and visionary future for the industry.

What will you get by joining the program

  • 4 sessions within 2 weeks
  • Access to a closed community with support and events
  • Access to onboarding and self help materials that will help you gain practical knowledge.

The sessions will cover

  • How to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on a centralized exchange
  • How to get paid or receive money in crypto
  • Simple mistakes to avoid as a new investor.
  • How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • How to get a Binance wallet + how to use it + how to transfer money out of this wallet.
  • Different types of self-custodial wallets + how to transfer funds between a custodial and self-custodial wallet.
  • How to safely secure your wallet and funds.
  • How to Identify scam crypto projects
  • Trading strategies for beginners
  • One-on-one guidance call
  • Popular cryptocurrency coins to know

To reserve your place for The Cryptocurrency Mentoring Program, please purchase the Program below and then contact Elias at  [email protected]

By purchasing a slot it means you’ve read the Contract and agree to its terms.

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