Cassava Network — an African Web3 platform partners with Unipass to increase crypto adoption in Africa

image-Cassava Network — an African Web3 platform partners with Unipass to increase crypto adoption in Africa

March 10, 2023

Cassava Network is an African Web3 platform that focuses on nonfungible tokens (NFTs), gaming, and loyalty rewards. The platform recently released the third version of their product which integrates with the noncustodial smart contract wallet UniPass, to enable users use email addresses rather than seed phrases and gas.

The partnership makes it possible for users to sign up for UniPass and hold, send, and receive on-chain digital assets across multiple Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchains when they create Cassava accounts, helping to transition Africans from Web2 to Web3.

African users and companies can use the new version to enter the Web3 space, according to Mouloukou Sanoh, a co-founder of Cassava Network, in an interview with Cointelegraph.

“With Cassava v3, we have made it easy for African users to interact with their favorite Web2 and Web3 brands. As users interact with these brands, they earn both CB Coins and other on-chain rewards specified by partners.”

The network’s reward tokens, CB Coins, currently exist off-chain, but users will soon be able to exchange them for on-chain assets, according to Sanoh. The platform will then accept CB for the purchase of mystery boxes and concert tickets.

Regarding the use of the Cassava v3 for businesses, Sanoh said, “Cassava v3 provides a channel through which partners can grow their African market”. Business brands who partner with Cassava Network can also create communities on the network by using the new “community” feature to get engagement and followership on different platforms through task creation for users to engage in and earn rewards.

During the interview, Sanoh explained how the new version could improve the business economy in Africa. Sanoh said, “Cassava v3 serves as a bridge for global Web3 businesses to connect with African Web2 users.” Sanoh also mentioned that, so far, 90% of the partners engaging with the community feature of the Cassava v3 are African businesses.

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