KONAMI is planning on creating new Web3 and Metaverse projects

image-KONAMI is planning on creating new Web3 and Metaverse projects

October 14, 2022

Konami came back with another announcement you could not hear. This time around Konami decided to collaborate with Web3 and Metaverse. The Metal Gear publishing company posted a news release to its website, in which he talks about how it would work.

In the news release, Konami wants to establish a service where players can trade NFTs in-game. This would happen with a platform unique to use. This platform is first-party that is being developed in-house. Konami believes that its plans could provide players with new experiences.

To achieve that goal, Konami intends to hire multiple roles. Some of those vacancies are System Engineer, Project Manager and Production Manager. Since there are 13 new jobs, it’s clear that the company is seriously interested in integrating Web3 and Metaverse into the company.

Konami isn’t the first video game publisher to engage with this trend. Electronic Arts, Xbox, Take-Two and so on. Both Ubisoft and Team17 have already created purchasable NFT assets. Some developers such as Aggro Crab and Ghost City Games spoke against NFTs, highlighting their negative impacts on the environment and potentially anti-consumer design.

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